Ethical Code



  1. Participants will always be interviewed beforehand, with the aim of informing them of the essential requirements to participate in a master plant retreat; and to detect if there are any contraindications that might prevent their participation.
  2. Participants should be informed of the possible effects, the form and duration of the sessions and the composition of the substances that will be shared, so that they can understand and assimilate the process.
  3. An informed consent form, a health form, a legal agreement and a personal agreement about the sessions to be carried out will be signed.
  4. We maintain an optimal level of human quality at all times, before, during and after the sessions.


The participation of people should be excluded:

  1. Disabled due to some kind of severe mental disorder.
  2. Who are taking any medication incompatible with the use of these remedies.
  3. Participants who come with inadequate information, and/or reject the information offered to them.
  4. Anyone who does not meet the conditions set by COSMOVISIONES GAIA (organising entity).


  1. The sale, trafficking, commercialisation or speculation of any kind with the use of Ayahuasca is not permitted.
  2. The purpose of the financial contributions must be to defray the costs of holding the sessions and the purposes and actions set out in articles 2 and 3 of the statutes of the non-profit cultural association COSMOVISIONES GAIA.


Organizations and entities that organize sessions with Ayahuasca, are committed to behave and express themselves in accordance with current laws contained in our Constitution and the INCB (1); and harmonization with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially with regard to freedom of conscience.

(1) According to the international consensus, reflected in the 2010 Report of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) “No plants (or plant materials) containing DMT are currently controlled under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Therefore, preparations (e.g. decoctions) made from these plants, including ayahuasca, are not under international control and are therefore not subject to any article under the 1971 Convention”.

According to this criterion, the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) issued different letters, upon request of lawyers who have defended any case related to ayahuasca in Spain, confirming that, “although DMT is controlled according to the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances, ayahuasca is not subject to control according to Spanish legislation” (e.g. AEMPS, 2013) and the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office in its report of April 2018, specifies that this type of substance is not controlled as a narcotic or psychotropic substance. AEMPS, 2013) and the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office in its report of 23 April 2018, specifies that this type of substance is not controlled as a narcotic or psychotropic substance in the international schedules of the United Nations Conventions.

Thus, although these are products that may contain a concentration of substances included in these lists, particularly in the case of ayahuasca and DMT, they are naturally occurring, without these substances being synthetic or having been processed, which in that case would make them controlled drugs under the Convention.

In fact, the fact that a substance contains DMT naturally does not make it different from other living beings, nor does it make it illegal, even if synthetic DMT is illegal, given that it has even been scientifically proven that humans generate it during sleep states, which would otherwise make the brain and its use illegal.

Therefore, as the International Treaties are applicable in Spain, Ayahuasca is, according to them, a substance that is not controlled or criminally prosecuted. Therefore, the articles of the Spanish Penal Code do not apply to it.


Ayahuasca is not a PANACEA: it does not replace any medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment. It is a complementary tool of traditional Amazonian use that broadens the states of consciousness to work on one’s own depths.


The elaboration of the drink must not harm the natural habitat of its origin nor pose any threat to the environment or its native personnel. The protection of MOTHER EARTH must always be a collective commitment, with the care of the whole plant community.


COSMOVISIONS GAIA is responsible for the information it provides to its members and the media.
Commitment not to proselytise or advocate anything.
Duty to communicate in a clear, sincere and honest way, without persuasion; respecting at all times the rhythm and time of each person. The decision to take master plants should not be conditioned. One of the biggest contraindications to taking the plant is not wanting to take it.
All interested parties or newcomers have the right to receive complete information.
COSMOVISIONS GAIA supports and contributes to scientific research on Master Plants.
COSMOVISIONES GAIA supports and contributes to indigenous peoples and traditional use.


The people who guide the Ayahuasca sessions at COSMOVISIONES GAIA have the experience, support and continuous supervision of an experienced multidisciplinary team of: facilitators, psychologists, lawyers, etc.
The person guiding a session with Ayahuasca should not lead sessions beyond what he/she is capable and confident of leading, be it in time, intensity or any other factor.
The person guiding a session with Ayahuasca is obliged to carry out the sessions with righteousness and ethics, focusing exclusively on the personal development of the participants attending the session. He/she shall absolutely refrain from voluntarily causing any kind of harm to anyone:
a) Never violate the vulnerability of the participants, respecting their sexual, physical and emotional integrity.

b) Not to try to obtain personal gain or economic benefit and/or influence during the session.

c) Treat all personal information of participants confidentially.


Team members commit themselves to follow up the participants attending the sessions.
Members and partners commit to support all other sister organisations and to defend all aspects related to the use of Ayahuasca, in an honest effort to unite the Plant Community.
Members pledge to strive to maintain a high level of awareness, honesty, truthfulness and rigour in the social usefulness of their practices.
This Code of Ethics is intended to be embraced for the benefit and protection of the entire Plant Community.
This Code of Ethics is open to new contributions.