Day ceremony with WACHUMA (San Pedro)

We meet with the energy of the sun, of the here and now.

Wachuma medicine: native to the Andes, it belongs to the sacred cactus San Pedro.

It brings us clarity and understanding with the whole and with ourselves.

Through it, the heart💛 and sharing in unity flourishes.

We will vibrate with the chants and harmonics performed by @Adrián Barroso, musician medicine, has been working and studying for years with his singing and instruments of the world (from the Amazon to India).
Together we will celebrate life and unity, contemplating in brotherhood how this blossoming makes us freer.

We will be in the middle of nature, surrounded by great musicians, @Hector el Turko🪘 , @Darío Santamaria Romero, @Adrián Barroso, @Ulan Vibra Cosmos and the RdA/Gaia✨ team. A whole set of expert musicians and facilitators who will accompany at all times. Together, in the company of Father Sun we will stop time without time, diluting thoughts to remain in the only thing that exists (THE PRESENCE AND CELEBRATION OF BEING).

The ceremony will begin on the 26th Saturday at 9 am until the arrival of twilight🌄. Then we will give way to a circle of words where everyone will have a space to share their feelings.💚 After nightfall there will be a dinner with a delicious vegetarian meal.

From there a nice sleep in single beds in shared rooms with all the comforts.

On the morning of the 27th, an invigorating breakfast will give us energy for the new day, with another look, with another feeling and conception of life…. AHOO!!!🪶

Come and meet this energy that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

🌀RDA – We are an integral team of facilitators, therapists, psychologists and musicians who work with people at a deep level the expansion of consciousness. We have years of experience, and have traveled extensively around the world, sharing ancient wisdom, merging the use of ancient plants with sophisticated Western techniques.
We do inner development retreats, with entheogenic power plants and therapeutic integrations. Ayahuasca, Kambó, Wachuma, Rapés, Yopo and understanding, through presence and word, in a therapeutic and conscious context.

In the HOLISTIC CENTER LA ASCENSIÓN DE GAIA we have a rustic farm with an independent house in a charming place surrounded by countryside and silence. The farm has a plot, swimming pool and a cozy house with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 living rooms.

It is an ECOFINCA, totally self-sustainable, with photovoltaic panels, own wells for irrigation and its own drinking water tank, saline water pool, auxiliary huts, beautiful green areas and the comfort of several fireplaces. We have all the comforts for an unbeatable stay. 🏡

An ideal place to vibrate in peace.

Participants are accompanied at all times by the team and supporting the personal processes of each participant.

We are located in what they call “El Balcón del Tajo”, between Aranjuez and Villaconejos, belonging to Colmenar de Oreja. A 40″ from the capital and a few minutes from several towns with all services.
Come to know us and to know you.🙏

🙋♂️ULAN: (+34) 637 331 392
🙋♀️MARÍA: (+34) 656 673 314

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26 - 27 Feb 2022


All Day


Centro Holístico "La Ascensión de Gaia"



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