Therapeutic Retreat with the use of Master Plants – FREE WILL

What is freedom: the possibility of choosing among many possibilities.

Can we choose among many possibilities, or only those that are presented to us?
In that case, where is our free will?

Who or who makes us believe that we have a freedom that we do not really have?

Freedom gives us the necessary air to decide from our conscience. And yet, our conscience sets the limits of our decisions.

What is free will?

The will not governed by reason? The decision of emotion or feeling? Or, simply decisions made from appetite, whim or caprice?

What if the above had been inserted into your mind through conditioning and set programs? From where in us do we have the ability to decide?

Under the masks, the roles, the characters, we will not have free will, because those conditionings are the ones who define the last decision, from here, there is no free will.

When we divest ourselves of the masks, roles or characters, from the presence, authority and power of your BEING, we can under the consciousness make decisions at our own will.

Our Free Will is exercised with consciousness, with freedom, with each of our decisions, with the act of being ourselves.

May each moment be a decision of our Being. And may they be born from the joy and freedom of being. Perhaps this is the closest thing to Free Will.

Inner development retreat, with power plants and therapeutic integration. Understanding, through presence and word, in a therapeutic and conscious context.

The alchemy of the tools together with the techniques of integration dynamite the conditioning and programs that have us immersed in a state of separation.

In the retreats you will find the best conditions to have an experience with your essence, your fragrance, your BEING. A place of respect, of non-judgment, a space where you can share what you feel, without prejudices, without masks…

The sessions or meetings have a therapeutic approach, with a shamanic tone, without entering into religious dogma. We use live and recorded music, ancestral instruments and tools, sahumerios, drum medicine and all the accompaniment of unconditional LOVE for the reunion with your BEING. The vibration of the cosmos with your BEING will become ONE.

The integrations are therapeutic in nature, from the hands of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience. A space to understand and share what was moved in the ceremony, what meaning we give to the experience and how to integrate it into our daily life. Individual and group dynamics, family constellations, biodance, meditations and much more, all in a loving, non-judgmental, tender, intimate and welcoming environment.

In the Holistic Center GAIA we have a rustic farm with independent house and swimming pool in a charming place surrounded by countryside and silence. The farm has a plot, swimming pool and a cozy house with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 living rooms.

It is an ECOFINCA, totally self-sustainable, with photovoltaic panels, own wells for irrigation and its own drinking water tank, saline water pool, auxiliary huts, beautiful green areas and the comfort of several fireplaces. We have all the comforts for an unbeatable stay.

An ideal place to vibrate in peace.
Participants are accompanied at all times by the team and supporting the personal processes of each participant.

We are located in what is called “El Balcón del Tajo”, between Aranjuez and Villaconejos, belonging to Colmenar de Oreja. A 40″ from the capital and a few minutes from several towns with all services.

Come and meet us and get to know us.

🌀RDA – We are an integral team of facilitators, therapists and psychologists who work with people at a deep level of consciousness expansion.
We have years of experience, and have traveled extensively around the world, sharing ancient wisdom, fusing the use of ancient plants with sophisticated western techniques. Each of us is dedicated to the process of those who wish to find themselves.
Our own process and transformation motivates us to create a space for people like you to access, here and now, a profound healing process; to enter into the mystery and magic of who we really are.
Our tools:
🐍AYA: Conscious expansion without limits, infinite love and understanding, release of old blockages and emotional conditioning. Re-encounter with the BEING.
🌿RAPÉ: Tool of connection with your inner silence and meditation, offers serenity and inner work.
❣️INTEGRATION: Psychotherapeutic integration implies focus and purpose. It is an art of processing and decoding messages. An intuitive and direct, deep and empathic look. Active, close, attentive and compassionate listening.
Additional ancestral remedies:
🐸KAMBO: Deep cleansing and clarity for body, mind and soul. The vaccine of the jungle. Activates the immune system.
🙋‍♂️ULAN: (+34) 637 331 392
🙋‍♀️MARÍA: (+34) 656 673 314


17 - 20 Mar 2022


All Day

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