The retreat includes:

1) Administration from 18:00 to 20:00 hs: A previous interview, the signing of the personal pact, legal pact, health form and informed consent.

2) Preparation from 20:30 to 22:30 hs: Presentation and preparation for the ayahuasca session. Each participant will have a space to free themselves and expose everything that is limiting them (this is for those who feel it).

3) Ayahuasca session from 22:30 to the closing: the facilitator will give all the previous indications and also the participants will be able to ask all the questions that may arise to start the session.

4) Therapeutic integration (in the mornings): 3 to 4 hours daily with a very deep work that is done the morning after the ayahuasca intake.

5) Food: Breakfast, lunch and snack, fruit all day (the menu is vegetarian).

6) Lodging: Single bed with its accessories, in a shared room (bring toiletries, towel, pajamas, slippers and small blanket, comfortable clothes, bottle of water).

7) Post-retreat support group: All participants will have a free support chat group to share their process, ask for advice and solve all their doubts. In addition, private psychotherapy sessions.



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