After expanded states of consciousness

  • Therapeutic integration implies focus and purpose.
  • It is an art of message processing and decoding.
  • It is an intuitive and direct look, deep and empathetic.
  • It is active, close, attentive and compassionate listening.

When you have received many messages from your deepest inner self, and you are unable to grasp them in their entirety, you need external support to help you reconfigure your internal map. Psychotherapeutic Integration gives you that opportunity, to advance on the path of self-knowledge of your mechanisms and obstacles, but also of your enormous potential to heal and be happy.

The experiences with entheogens and ancestral remedies are key moments in your personal development and evolution; but they cannot remain in the intensity of a psychedelia, but you can get a much greater benefit when you “realize” the enormous richness of your encounter with yourself. Realization is a first step. Then a broader understanding gives you a different picture of you. And then the necessary, and now clear and relaxed, decision making.

Psychotherapeutic Integration supports you in this Process, and in so many other things.

You will see how it is a key moment of the Retreats. A space for you, in depth and connection. You can only accompany from love, because that is also what is awakened in you, that enormous source of light and healing that has been waiting so long for that moment of unburdened sharing, entirely open and trusting.

It is not just words. Taste this energy. And enjoy it by sharing your Essence.

You heal. You move forward. You live.


Integración terapeutica