“The shamanic key”

This millenary drink, used by the indigenous people of the Amazon basin, will transport us to the encounter with ourselves. 

Ayahuasca is a brew, a mixture of two master plants, Banisteriospsis Caapi and Psychotria Viridis, their fusion makes it one of the most powerful ancestral remedies in existence. In its chemical composition (NN-DMT) it is considered the molecule of spirituality, the entrance to the beyond… It is a potent entheogen, the word entheogen coming from the Greek meaning Éntheos (God within you), and Génos (origin, time of birth). 

Let’s keep in mind that dimetryltryptamine (DMT) is present in all living beings on the planet, plants, vegetables and animals, just as we produce it naturally from the moment of birth, when we dream (dream phase (REM), when we enter into meditations, and finally, when we die, at the moment of returning home.  

Ayahuasca is like a key, a tool to work introspectively and get into the mystery of what we are, a divine and powerful being, that with conditioning and programs we have been forgetting. It is about remembering what has always been there, within you… She is also known as the Grandmother, for her wisdom, her love, and her ability to make us see what sometimes we do not want to see. She is a healer and purges physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  On a very deep level, sweet and respectful, it will not show you anything that you cannot bear… As a power plant it has its intelligence, a kind of shamanic ancestral technology that will show you what you need to see, beyond what you want to see… The part of psychedelia and visions, is to take into account, because it is not a plant with which you hallucinate, at all times you are conscious; it shows you the vision and later the compression will come to you. The fractals, the sacred geometry, the lights and colors are fine, but the depth is in the feeling and sensation of what she is showing you, what you feel in the experience of the moment. A gift from our Mother Nature to remember again.



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