What do we do?

We conduct retreats of inner development, with entheogenic plants of power and therapeutic integrations.  Ayahuasca, Kambó, Rapés, and understanding, through presence and word, in a therapeutic and conscious context.

The alchemy of the plants of power together with the techniques of integration free the conditioning and programs that keep us immersed in a state of separation.

In the retreats you will find the best conditions to have an experience with your essence, your fragrance, your BEING. A place of respect, of non-judgment, a space where you can share what you feel, without prejudices, without masks…

The sessions or meetings have a therapeutic approach, with a shamanic tone, without entering into religious dogma. We use live and recorded music, ancestral instruments and tools, sahumerios, drum medicine and all the accompaniment of unconditional LOVE for the reunion with your BEING. The vibration of the cosmos with your BEING will become ONE.

The integrations are therapeutic in nature, from the hands of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience. A space to understand and share what was moved in the ceremony, what meaning we give to the experience and how to integrate it into our daily life. Individual and group dynamics, family constellations, biodance, meditations and much more, all in a loving, non-judgmental, tender, intimate and welcoming environment.

“The magic has always been within you… Now… it’s up to you to awaken the magician.”

Who we are?

We are an interdisciplinary team of facilitators, musicians, integrators, therapists, psychologists, traditional doctors and lawyers, who work with people at a deep level of consciousness expansion. We belong to a non-profit association registered in the National Register of Associations: Section 1° / National Number: 627071 of the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS, called “Cosmovisiones Gaia“. We have years of experience traveling around the world sharing ancestral wisdom, fusing the use of ancient master plants and very sophisticated western techniques. Each one of us is dedicated to the process of people who wish to find themselves. The transformation of our own evolution, drives us to people like you, can have here and now, a process of deep healing, to get into the mystery and magic of who you really are.

Come and meet us and REENCOUNTER YOURSELF.

María Olmo


Treasurer and Founding Member of the Association COSMOVISIONES GAIA

Coordinator of Ayahuasca Retreats.

Facilitator of Ancestral Remedies.

Reiki III Therapist Internal Mastery.

Guide of meditations to reconnect with the heart, alignment of energy centers, and reunion with our supernatural being.

Specialist in Art Therapy dynamics in preparation and integration.


President and Founding Member of the Association COSMOVISIONES GAIA

Founder and director of Ayahuasca Retreats.

Integral facilitator, teacher and mentor in Ancestral Remedies.

Specialist in Integration after Expanded States of Consciousness.

Musician, instrument handling and Drum medicine. High vibrational sound journeys.

Self-taught, visionary and initiator of paths. Traveler of worlds without borders.

Oscar Gómez


Member and Founding Partner of the COSMOVISIONES GAIA Association.

Integral facilitator.

Trainer in psychotherapeutic integration, supervisor and mentor.

Psychotherapist with more than 40 years of experience, and more than 20 years with Plantas Maestras.

Accompanist and support of consciousness processes.

Deepener, surgeon of souls, passenger of life.

María Olmo

Óscar Palet

Legal Advisor

Founding Partner of the Association COSMOVISIONES GAIA

Lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in criminal law both in Spain and in other European countries, such as Cyprus, Malta, Germany or Holland, specialized in the defense of cases related to ayahuasca and other entheogens.

Activist in the defense of the rights and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.

International Vice-President for Europe of the World Organization of Indigenous Peoples (OMPO).

María Olmo

Irma Alicia Mojomboy

Of the Inga nation

Daughter of the Alpa Mama

Maima traditional doctor

Indigenous leader

Graduate in Ethno-education
Carer of the "MOTHER EARTH".

Knowledgeable and practitioner of the ancestral medicine Ayahuasca and of the diversity of medicinal and botanical plants of the Colombian Amazon

Weaver of life

Knowledge of community, collective, organisational and social processes.

María Olmo

John Jairo Mojomboy

Taita traditional doctor

Knowledgeable about the diversity of Amazonian medicinal plants.

Counsellor and respectful of religious beliefs

María Olmo


Environmentalist and Biologist, specialized in Botany and Biodiversity Conservation.

Facilitator of Ancestral Remedies

Musician, Writer and passionate about Nutrition, Cooking, Herbalism, Agroecology, Psychology and Respectful Upbringing.

Activist for the Recovery of the Forests

Carlos Solrak

Integral Facilitator of Ancestral Remedies

Medical musician in charge of the Círculo Mágico project.

Videographer dedicated to the creation of conscious videos.

Trained in therapeutic theater

Carlos is an intrepid traveler who has explored Amazonian ancestral knowledge and Hindu spiritual traditions.

András Gyulai

Facilitator in Ancestral Remedies practices.

Master of PranaNadi, channeler of energies in manual therapies.

Musician, guitar student

Seeker of light and walker of paths with heart

Telecommunications and acoustics engineer, audio technician, mixing and mastering.

Esther Meszaros

Facilitator of Ancestral Remedies.

Chiromassage and body care.

Musician and singer medicine.

Eternal student of power plants and seeker of the divine.

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George Mihai

Love, Communion, and the best Ayahuasca experience for me.
I would recommend them to anyone for a great experience.
Thank you?

Maria José

Mi experiencia durante este retiro, ha sido todo un compendio de sensaciones de compartir momentos y sobre todo de estar en la mejor compañía.
No hay palabras para describir lo que he vivido, pero lo que sí puedo decir es que a partir de hoy… mi vida va a cambiar.
Gracias ?


The love and care from these people is incredible. A safe, warm and healing experience!

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Please, only fill in and provide the data if you are really interested, because different actions will be activated to contact you such as: email, whatsapp, phone calls, etc, to give you information and to have a previous interview to evaluate the possibility of attending one of our retreats.

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